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Helmeted Honeyeater

Status: Endangered
Classification: Birds
Scientific Name: Lichenostomus melanops cassidix

Just like any other animals Helmeted Honeyeaters need a special habitat in order to survive. However, there are other animals such as seagulls or starlings which can live almost anywhere. It is very unusual for these animals to become endangered.

The helmeted honeyeater is found usually in very small areas of Victoria. It lives along the edges of creeks and feeds on both nectar and insects.

The birds are considered rare and that's the reason why they has been closely studied. It is thought that there are around 200 birds in the areas where they are found. They seemed to come in large number but their lives was threatened by the severe bushfire that leads to a disaster.

The whole population of birds vanished which helped the Victorian Government to create a program that protects the area in which the birds live. All other animals lived in small habitat and survived in such small number should be protected in every possible way. This can be done with the help of many people who care.

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