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Beautiful Ground Parrot

Ground Parrot

Status: Least Concern
Classification: Birds
Scientific Name: Pezoporus wallicus

As we think about parrots we imagine brightly coloured birds flying through the top of trees and grassy plains. There are two different type of endangered parrots the ground parrot and the night parrot. Ground parrot usually come in bright green colour, they are hardly seen because their colour matches with their habitat.

Ground parrots are found are found in coastal areas from Queensland to South Australia and in some places which now form the suburbs of capital cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Seeds and some plants is part of their diet, however they are not able to hold seed heads in their feet as these are made for walking and running.

The Ground Parrot

Ground parrots are considered endangered, you must be lucky enough to see one sometime in your life. Another type of endangered parrot is called night parrot. They live in the middle of Australian deserts and are rarely seen. Their species are considered extinct but there are some survivors somewhere.

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