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Ghost bat

Ghost Bat

Status: Vulnerable
Classification: Mammals
Scientific Name: Macroderma gigas

Ghost bats or "false vampire bats" are known for sucking blood just like the South American vampire bats. They are not vampires but they are cannibals. They feed on small animals such as mice, lizards, birds and smaller bats. 

Ghost bats that are found in the desert areas of Australia often have light colour and look like ghost when they flits through the twilight. 

Ghost bats was once spotted in northern Australia, where they live in caves and large cracks in rocks. They are shy animal and are hardly seen but many believed that a number of them still survive. The mining and quarrying in the area threatened their lives. 

Ghost bats are quite long

Ghost bats are quite long as they measures up to 50 cm (20 inches) across their wingspan. It must be quite frightening for their prey when they become large and show off their ghostly shape. They used to drop down from above and wrap their wings around their prey and kill them by biting. 

Since ghost bats are nocturnal and all have heard about the tales of vampires many people would be frightened with their appearance. If they only knew that female ghost bats are excellent mothers, they would not be frightened. | Resources | Privacy | Disclaimer
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