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drug resulting in permanent deafness complete in one ear and partial in
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continued screaming for a few seconds failing to recognize those
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Subscriptions may begin at any date. The safest mode of remittance
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undertaking. Among the Antankarana the dead are only buried immediately
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him in order to his permitting every person residing in his parish to
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the Rhine. Dogs and birds which at first collected round the
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spine. The paroxysms of fever resembled those of intermittent
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summer tourists from the south eastern States are quite numerous.
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micro organism of importance found in the urethra. The organisms
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The second year descriptive anatomy practical anatomy physiolc
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precision as the first. There is surely a difference between a surgeon and
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that to this strong childlike savage the first explanation of
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sect wai gt forcing its way into the hole of the bee
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Such water though kept for years will never become putrid.
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similar attack. Hence Kipp instils eserine in the sound eye before
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day or two before foaling and usually half the udder is affected.
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cured. The total shows that 162 276 cattle died and 62 555
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epidemy was in Britain in December 172S and that horses
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were useless for breeding purposes. The symptoms were swelhng
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the respiration is slowed and the heart beats are reduced corresponding
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good operation about the sixth day of the attack a perforated
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Prince Edward Island James Warburton Nova Scotia John Stewart
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same diflerence in strength and weakness which renders the cattle
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stand on their feet then they have become swollen and towards
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deed in my opinion hy far the safest course is instantly to
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ganglion have hereto been followed by a recurrence of the symptoms
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resisting surface beneath the bleeding orifice pre
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Hall s views as of a pure question of science omit
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In Britain as before mentioned the value of comparative pathology
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vious disease drop down and die. These when dead are by the
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Lucet s observations are interesting as it is probable that in
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removed and was presented for examination. It showed a tear on the
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iigh blood pressure was due to contraction of the arterioles from the
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nevertheless should make us act as if it were. The ventilation of
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Teffia now Mo tra in the county of Longford. The mor
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that of the four subjects in the pass matriculation any two of which
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nately the animal was killed by the ether during the
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about the neck and the back which degenerated into mange.
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sinus it will in each single case be a question of consideration whether
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having rejiorted at these headquarters in compliance with
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as variola and foot and mouth disease. Tuberculous mastitis is no
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npHE employment of hydrotherapeutic measures in the treatment of
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onto in direct affiliation with Universities. Nevertheless neither their
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It is now ready for the test for Antitoxic strength and bacteriolo
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its absence the exception especially in fibroid and
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originated in England in 1747 and it is certain that the Court
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the right manoeuvre was made the Court leans over to the stout old
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eonsomptive patients are domiciled the removal of poor cases to a
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He graduated at McGill University and has for many years past been
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our own arbitrary divisions until the matter is settled. In my own
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body of his own daughter and burned her heart because it
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causes. If the treatment was more persistent than is usually the case
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be thus provided for notwithstanding the impediments which the effects
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this difference of opinion is that such tumours are seldom formed
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commencement of modern history in the midst of this confusion
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sleep at night is the cessation of a majority of sensations which are
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he introduced a catheter without producing a single
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the portion of the army led by the king while in Hungary
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least whether the consequence of its use could be lucratively of any
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the heat be not too strongly urged. It is solu Alkaline phosphate 0.025
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that had been recently operated upon by him successfully.


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