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sometimes. It might be given in all cases of dropsy

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the use of the herb must be superstitious would be to draw a

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against this must be mentioned the West of Scotland superstition

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whereas they will not accept the refuse grains from malted wheat and

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Dive in the department of Calvados France an epizootic dis

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drug resulting in permanent deafness complete in one ear and partial in

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going through mucous coat. Made a resection includ

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barking and the madness of dogs and attacking those near

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all food and water and death soon ensued. Examinations of

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the town of Trenton where he practiced until appointed Registrar

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advantage in that it raises the blood pressure and overcomes the depress

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nuity in finding a remedy for the disfigurement re

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serve to illustrate the varieties above alluded to.

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take place in the week following Easter Sunday. The committee de

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he shall present his accounts duly authenticated at

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Charing Cross Medical School by Welch of Johns Hopkins on the sub

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of the horns which was much wasted contained a yellowish

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the Order of 1747. All fairs and markets for. cattle within ten

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wealth of pathological material or such a variety of crania of different

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so severe and fatal formerly as in late ages since the ancients do

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eggs destroying corn fruit young cattle and horses amp c.

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The most striking proofs of its contagiousness were aflonled

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The mammae of the cow are composed of four quarters from

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book that the busy practitioner requires and will constantly consult.

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Symbolic burial was sometimes resorted to. On the border

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financial return from the publication or an article

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most readily succumbed the oldest vines have been devastated.

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warm water to the wet whiting and add bole armeniac in

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In England the weather was clear and air healthy all

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found in another part of this number of the Journal.

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A prize of 25 is awarded to the student obtaining the highest

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mixed with cream is said to be a cure. To escape a curtain

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In the Veterinarian of 1856 a case is reported of a mare twenty

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In the precautions taken to prevent contagion it is expressly

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party that the six circlets of skin on his left wrist were of

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If the virus is introduced directly into the sinus the incubative

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duced no effect he endeavored to restore the nervous

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lavish hands they poured forth a stream of regiments

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structure of the brain and the grave changes which follow even such

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the whole should be moderate. It has therefore with great reason

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brown sediment. The liver and spleen were of a black colour

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We have considered the treatment of stones in the gall bladder and

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savage primarily and necessarily healthy was neither apoplectic

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months after the primary attack and we have seen one in which

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heard like to that made by dry parchment. Indistinct tumours

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Accidental opening of the sinus or canal is often followed by a

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If any cows are infected their milk is instantly to be thrown

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and physicians who waited upon King Edward had adopted such

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Symptoms. Usually the development of the attack is rapid

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before long he himself became very ill and his flesh turned

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to the leeches will be perilously bestead. If sickness attacks

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infected but here it happened quite contrary. However there

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country He took a keen interest in educational affairs and was for

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guard against whooping cough Donegal peasants will wear a lock of hair from

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say I found the following Frau Jurke was a chronic drunkard bom

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days possession is much longer than is needful to manifest whether or

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tuberculosis must be accepted as conclusive evidence upon the frequency

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removal from one town to another prevented. Another account I have been | Resources | Privacy | Disclaimer
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