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forms of tinnitus. Gruber and Wilde prescribe tincture of arnica 15

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was imminent. De Berg noticed that the symptoms varied

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on their outward surface there was no water in the thorax

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among the masses with the same consequences which the doctrine of the

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the gestation sac. In the vast majority of cases beyond the fourth or

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varied from the type and become monstrosities and monstrosities

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on centuries of truth and tradition to seek and set yet another

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and deplorable sight Fur the eyes to look around and see the

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having rejiorted at these headquarters in compliance with

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certain what is the ailment in their case and therefore remedies

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in distilled water and in four and a half hours after there was

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results. For those who cannot leave home for treatment the physician

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further information is required in the light of well

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the Ontario Medical Council examinations and is held only if the winner

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There was a recurrence of attacks of a similar character every few

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insomnia is a prominent feature of the attacks. If the kidneys are

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which depends on the earthy part which absorbs acids and on

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interfere with the only feasible way of promptly quelling a dire

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times eruptive sometimes catarrhal at other times dysenterical

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first edition. If such be done it will at once appear how thoroughly

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The article contains a number of other interesting details about the

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form process projects into the cavity of the fourar

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On lotions there are some very appropriate remarks. It is stated

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description no reference had been made to the color

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a very remarkable dulness present the head drooped j the eyes

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Pathology at least 50 hours Obstetrics pathological at least 30 lectures

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that annually 2 to 10 per cent of the ewes are attacked after

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the persons who were mutilated exercised their inge

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Russia seventeen medical journals a few of which are

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prevent the exportation of cattle affected with any con

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and awful catarrh was epidemic in England and the same

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The devil s mark was said to sometimes resemble the impres

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way and bound together by a characteristic framework. Once this idea

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conclusively that without stagnation in the onflow of the bile an active

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as mixed nutmegging and cirrhosis. I freely admit that in the

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Dr Short refers in 1587 when he says The Belgians groaned

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if the patient were a man. But this is perhaps the proper place

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in Hanover. In the year 1754 during the winter the sheep

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perforation was worth recording the percentage of recoveries was im

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be and so futile if put into partial execution that

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among the beautiful homes on Sherbrooke Street or in the slums of

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than all the other infectious diseases lumped together. Further a great

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each case the method followed was to transfer immediatly after death

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Trinity University. But in 1856 notwithstanding its brilliant

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than to notes scattered piecemeal. To enter into the history

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sand must have sunk into the water and where besides the

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ing peritoneum hence there is always tenderness and a pear shaped tumor

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asked is there no pure air outside Muskoka or Toronto We all know

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fierce internecine wars of the whole Germanic population there

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been orderly. They have been unkindly as they say. Warm

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superstitions of other nations we can look further and see that


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