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mouth spumy white saliva. In those animals which gave hopes

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in the deepest ignorance. His remedy was characteristic Democracy

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miliary fever. Salvarisa supposes the epidemic fever of 176431

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members from different States and that it report to

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became swollen and the hoofs sloughed off. The feathered

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often enveloped in a little bag and worn round the neck to

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the other hand he draws a clear line between those cows in which

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recourse to it without troubling the micisier which would induce

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limited class may derive some benefit during our heated season the

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which are continually confronting us all. At these meetings many friend

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He has also been appointed coroner for Lambton. In both positions he

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tematic consideration of the principles and practice

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hand it had this special and sad characteristic it attacked

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ing influence of cold is explained in this way. Ex

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name of his namesake Charles Fayette Taylor. AH of these cases have

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N X the right crico arytrnoideus lateralis the left

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crisis of the disease. They then begin to decrease and some degree of

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of convalescence is shortened from three or even six months to from

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Professor of Medicine and Clinical Medicine University of Toronto.

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of 960. Schlechter also reported a case in which 220 animals were

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mies and colostomies removal of breast most ovariotomies in conditions of

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which was next the skin a horror or disgust would be created

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in Switzerland and Inoculation and Vaccination. Anthrax. Cattle

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offered thereto germane to the subject it shall be in

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thousand horses died. For Germany there is noted the follow

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deed in my opinion hy far the safest course is instantly to

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disease. Bat whether these results would follow or not altogether de

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in need of the lay reporter. The columns of the medical journals

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directly after the injury. If an operation had been performed at this

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to participate in the influences of the general disaster. They

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This the greatest of all advances so improved Caesarean Section as to

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groins and in the glands of the neck which M. Clerc mentions

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be expected until the organization o these institutions is so changed

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fluids produce inflammation ID particular parts the marks of which are constantly

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of lx wel was drawn through the opening to allow of

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or less imperfectly but still so as to gain the general

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ously ill they lay these scraps upon their bodies as infallible

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put it in practice and the public will in several dilterent mauueis

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her left breast covered with blood and a third larger

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Baltimore Academy of Medicine. Chas. Carroll Bombaugh

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lingen it was noted we yesterday saw the first symptoms of

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yarioUuse and others think it was variolous in its nature. Lorin

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believe any of the neighbouring glands are involved.

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Even then it was thought that possibly the fluid had been contained in

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cuckoo for the first time he rolls himself three or four times on

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University School standing 5 the sessional fees 125 a year for four

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and attenuated was carefully closed by two layers of continuous sutures

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Europe yields manna from its slit bark. They may also have

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the Polish throne in 1733. Certain it is that when Charles

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an equal assessment of not more than ten dollars an

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angel himself. He was called the Good and the Blessed but it

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Applied to Dr. Ogden fifty years ago when he began to teach and

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this time from the invasions of the so called barbarians while the

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half dead were killed to be eaten and the herdsmen and farmers

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to kill all the cattle on the infected pasturage those yet in health

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and eye.strain and responsibilities of the profession. The work is written

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goes to the extreme of attributing all puerperal dis

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ewes would be attacked in from twelve to fourteen hours and they

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was extrertely hot though very little altered in colour.

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The epithelium is chiefly involved the connective tissue being but

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or bar to resist a fracture by a force acting late

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animals. In England great rains from St John s day to

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i exemple des mauvais succ s.dans les diff rentes tentatives mises

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the usual quantity of milk that in twelve hours time they shall

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nearly every beast of burden. Amongst birds it was particularly

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fully carried out. The striking facts elucidated in this respect in 1865

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was considered Scarron says a remedy against rheumatism.

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spread beyond the confines of the gall bladder and produce inflammation

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issued during the last three or four months should be

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There are about thirty students in attendance on lectures.

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