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Lying in Hospital late Demonstrator of Midwifery and Diseases of Women St.
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man whose conduct of life would first of all purify extend and adorn
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which is outdoor and active in character. Chei gt t gymnastics should be
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result of intensified inflammatory action in certain localities during
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After the great heat of the summer at Wetzlar in Germany
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haemorrhagic but show evidence of partial absorption of the effusion.
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In Brittany during the summer anthrax was common and
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there were still unfortunate sick people I found such a general
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law were carefully enforced. The syndics of the several parishes
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She was admitted on the 23rd of April and the extremity removed
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ment to the By laws proposed by Dr. F. Pratt of Kal
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from the stomach through the pylorus a point brought out by recent
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sheep which he designated ignis sacer but which the shepherds
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which had been administered by the mouth and the enemata which had
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But especially in the past a portion of these jour
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mouthj which is covered internally with dark blue or black


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