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Eastern Grass Owl

Eastern Grass Owl

Status: Least Concern
Classification: Birds
Scientific Name: Tyto longimembris

Owls are mostly nocturnal, they catch their food using their keen eyesight and silently swoop down into their prey. They can fly with almost no sound at all because their feathers are developed that way.

The eastern grass owl lives in open, grassy country along the coast of northern and eastern Australia. It is considered rare in Australia but they are spotted in India and some parts of Pacific islands.

The Eastern Grass Owl

They hides in clumps of thick tussocky grass during the day and this is what they used to build their nest. They feed on insects, mammals, reptiles and frogs.

Their Latin name is Tyto longimembris, the second half of which means "long legged". Although they are considered rare, we hope that someday we realises that there are more birds surviving without our knowledge.

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