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E. W. male 9 years admitted August 13th 1902 con plained of
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of heavy weather so that there was no man alive who could
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but which Heusinger thinks was probably an influenza corn
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the meaning which is to be attached to many beliefs and super
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of the family physician. There never was a time in our history in
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nion.strous pretensions so often put forth would be borne out by the use
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ment. He frequently shuns his companions preferring to be by himself.
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heated which causes it to swell and this is now made
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Yjwes describing how in 1735 a. pestilential disease among cattle broke out at
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iM commonly caused by any gross nasal lesion. The steptum appeared
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sponges to drag down the stomach and intestines aud to protect the
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countries and even wild animals were said to suffer from this
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tumor left attached to the uterine wall in the speci


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