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treatment already referred to they appear to be of value.

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elaborated in this country by Dr. P. A alentine of New

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and boards of health and overseers of the poor of legislators

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ard of the Association of American Medical Colleges.

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diseases with which it might be confounded. He has no sug

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had oportunity to examine the petrous portion of the tem

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a llannel bandage or better b. gt some form of elastic bandage.

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iie an unabated multiplication of bacteria in the blood

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for the month uf April shows that 233 patients were admitted

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sionally been noted. When residing in a hotbed of malaria

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gland substance under its uses a great increase in metabolism

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vil the most noble of all combats engaged in from the

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ment.. fter a forcible correction it is generally neces

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erally believed at Ihe same time decreases Its toxicity. TtnforlU

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carotid artery by judicious use of a knife in opening

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gan this is the most common form of pernicious anemia

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out. It looks very much like a detached retina. The membrane

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should it be diseased. If this gland become the center

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Whereas The medical quack and charlatan by their outragcou.s

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sis that tabes is not due directly to the agent of syphilis but

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The course of tke fibers is from without inward and

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ili rase in question there is liyperactivity of the thyroid. The

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bureau for the week ended May 5 1 348 cases of measles with

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