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greater uniformity in the medical curriculum. After all these years that

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iDCDt of dragoons at Dora near Turin. Brugnone describes it

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incident to weakness of the power of convergence. In many cases the

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enal. The official report gives 72 as the average for August for

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their nature as paptilas Jtlius ignis car bones ad Jtslos pustulas

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graduates in Natural Sciences certiticates of attendance on the second

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responsibility so far as many cases coming under his observation are

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six months in surgery and reported at least 10 medical and 10 surgical

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We are by far the largest producers of Antidiphtheritic Serum and Vaccine

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at once upon the cat s tail. The singular remedy of cutting

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distended and from it removed a large number of small and three very

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provides instruction on Chemistry Botany Zoology and Medical Physics

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Many CHses occurred on the thigh and abdomen due to the custom of

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perhaps the relief of pain until the skin shows signs of irritation when

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skin furthermore the neighbouring glands are not affected. The

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Cattle Diseases in Somerset and Devon. The Second Plague.

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The characteristic typhoid fetor of the stools was markedly

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other fowls have been variously affected until the end of the

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harm. Further study led Behring Roux Aaronson Yersin and others to

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part of the cysts under strict aseptic precautions and mucoid substance

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alterations when opened after death. This epizocity was very

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society where such a one exists be eligible to mem

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tagious distemper and makes the following remarks Farmers

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where a putrescent disposilion prevails from the notion of Iheir promoting it and

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continued till all the oozing that was likely to occur had taken place.

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to some internal cause or by the effects of remedies continual

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Anthrax appeared among cattle at Lucca in Italy. When

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r ATIENT aet. 68 years larynx had been removed on the 5th of

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upon and for the first time we have mention made of Hungary

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blood supply has been cut off by artificially inducing minute embolisms

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vinegar before allowing them to rejoin their companions at

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the gad fly hots which he generally found in the stomach. Dr

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watched lest any suicide or unbaptised child should be buried

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