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pus was discovered but its source could not be deter

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the bacilli. In San Francisco there had been six cases the rats there

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wild beasts indeed in large flocks scarcely one half survived.

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fair or market as they go to these wells and naturally the

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sally conceded to be acute affections characterized

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often concealed and carried by unknown agencies from place to place.

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Vegetius Renatus whose writings we will notice more par

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final sudden loss of consciousneaa. An autopsy was permitted only on

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opened in the ground throughout the island from which mephi

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treatment has one special indication that of keeping

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great scarcity of horses and cattle in England. All the marshes

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worms from a goat s brain and in the Medicina which the

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not introduced well into the medullary canal of the

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ganizations on special subjects will detract from the

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possibly difiused sulphureous and poisonous gases into our at

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over the affected limb and when a mouse had been caught a

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brought into one line at the same time. The deep reflexes and ankle

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Peacedale Ehode Island who in the previous year dug up the

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collection and Burton of old said I say with Renodoeus

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tion of cancers which is a clinical definition applied to malignant

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most extensive and valuable in the world represent

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Ontario has directed the medical affairs of this Province many and

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compel each other to pay taxes to keep the peace to defend ourselves

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When insensibility is fairly established the admin

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of Esculapius who told the traveller that if he could employ a

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turing firms promptly responded with page advertise

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stool. The pulse was rapid 108 and feeble respiration and pupils

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Southern Michigan Medical Society. Anson R. Smart Louis

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usually of the hilum being left and that this became active developing

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of no small difficulty lies before the student or philosopher

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their breadth of learning their exhaustive research and extensive prac

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are often ill defined. A most characteristic sign of gall stones is the

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offers some marks of itself to men s senses which It certainly

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large bodies and very short limbs. The mental development is often

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next day had huskish coughs and voided excrements like clay

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which was fetid acrid and corrosive and possessed contagious

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diseases. It chooses its victims chiefly among those

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of the artery as traced from the scalenus inwardly

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musrular fibres that occur in the parie at membrane

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produced by rubbing two pieces of stick together. These fire

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adians ought to stand in the forefront of that development. The

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taines maladies specialement les infirmites de l intelligence de

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and the medical societies are ample means of securing publicity. It

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distemper the poor animals appear to be in the greatest agony.

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by importing any cattle from Flanders I know not for surely

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Apsyrtus a renowned Greek Veterinarian of this period

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epizooty in cattle. The first beginning or appearance of the

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to be derived. It is therefore with dididence that I venture to ofter

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to its cause. Nor is that cause always situated vithin the respiratory

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have been or part paid in examinations to this extent the graduation

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disease. Bat whether these results would follow or not altogether de

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a dirty white colour. There is an excessive amount of interstitial

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the lives of those committed to their charge depend

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should be guarded against and fresh air is of the utmost importance.

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not an infringement on the other man s patent you will probably win

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The contagious typhus of cattle Cattle Plague was spreading


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