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leagues and suffering humanity a general abstract in which he ordered
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published in the Britvth Medical JourruU for 15th November laBt In
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the disease. Every means should be taken to expose abuses
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tial to a well rounded liberal culture such as ought
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water nor shall poison have any effect upon them and it being
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having more than seven dishes at either dinner or supper and
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no intentional neglect. A list is appended of the chief works
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York Post Graduate Medical School and Hospital formerly Professor of Gastro
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a sovereign remedy for consumption brought on through being
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of the next year place it in the front rank of medi
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probable 2 000 000 Germans who have gall stones only 100 000 complain
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of leptothrix. In the latter case I always make an after application of
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the question was one of the assumed connection of part and
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further since it is evident that there are many diseased conditions in
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apart and a very profuse haemorrhage from the wound
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private institution two years later. Dr. Mead was a
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mortality among horned cattle in Britain that is on record.
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should be a doctor collected a few common prescriptions and a
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the investigation of the greatest problem which man can solve
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found very satisfactory. A strong needle is introduced into the nostril
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the lumen. In fact the whole glandular structure is reduced to a
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out on the skin in the form of inflammatory pustules loulons.
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all pointed to a uterine fibroid and the patient was
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milk. In cows began to fail this was one of the surest indications
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that has been given to this subject who can gauge the disappointment
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adopting it has been certainly one source of the ill success which has
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to walk about perfectly well. In discussing these cases Dr. Stewart
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producing melancholia and insanity. It was referred
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investigate and report upon the malady. These men having
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elephantiasis or leprosy was another affection of the skin. The
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debility rigidity of the members drowsiness frequent yawn
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