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but the cases later proved fatal. Dr. Dudley s case

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taste and smell but of a deep green colour. The glands in their

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Following a resection of three or four inches of bowel

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appeared and I could find it no more and finally abandoned the operation.

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tnent of animals is to separate the healthy from the unhealthy

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themselves speedily and we hope successfully to stop its pro

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ance is invaluable to any man who makes even one examination a year.

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rale of a bronchitis or asthma is innocuous compared with the earlier

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where in that region were attacked by a hilious lever which

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pheral nerve extremities. Under these circumstances

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univt r i examination fully equivalent to that required by this uni

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evil effect of the evil eye.f Red coral was among the Romans

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stones and ashes thrown over it. Inflammation of the feet of

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After opening the abdominal cavity I have always been able to find

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Coburg but did not visit all the villages. From Coburg I am

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