Endangered Animals

The presence of animals in the environment completes the ecology phenomena. There is always a big relation between humans and animals. Of the most importance, is that animals, especially wild animals are a source of the revenue to the government. This is because they attract tourists, both locally and internationally.

Nevertheless, there are great challenges facing the wildlife all over the world. This has resulted in the extinction of some species and other species being in critical conditions. Also, the life of some animals and species get endangered. Let’s look into them more keenly.

Extinct Species

1. Bandicoots

The description of such an animal is of a plump animal with teeth of equal size. They dwell in grassland regions. Due to the tremendous increase in the farming activity, it has led to the destruction of their habitation, thus becoming extinct species.

2. Paradise Parrot

A parrot is a gorgeously colored bird able to mimic the speech of a human being. The Paradise Parrot, in particular, has not been sighted since the years of the 1920s. They nest in mounds belonging to termites and eat grass seeds together with vegetation. The clearing of land and grazing of animals have reduced the food available for them, hence many have died.

3. Tasmanian Tiger

Its other name is the Tasmanian wolf. It looks similar to a striped coyote. Like Bandicoots, their dwelling place is in the grassland. The destruction of the habitation of the tigers has been caused by the increased clearing of land for human settlement and for industrialization. Diseases is another factor leading to their extinction.

Critical Species

1. Kangaroo Rat

They are 35cm in length. They dwell in tiny holes beneath the earth’s surface. They eat leaves that are thick and juicy, and also the roots that are of a specific plant. Their habitation was destroyed for humans to have an opportunity to plant some crops; though their habitation is slowly being restored.

2. Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat

Among the extremely critical species, is the Northern hairy-nosed combat. Their forearms are so powerful, strongly build and huge. Their smelling sense is so powerful, unlike the sight. They feed on herbs and green plants. Destruction of the vegetation results in endangering their life.

3. Night Parrot

Their dwelling place is in the tunnels at daytime. They are cool birds with minimal movements unless looking for what to eat. Clearing the land limits their habitation and availability of food. Thus, many become endangered.

Endangered Species

1. Star Finch

They possess a red face that is bright with an olive green color on their body. It also has a yellow color beneath it. It feeds on seeds together with fruits and vegetable. Lack of water together with food has contributed to their minimized population.

2. Australian Possums

Seeds, fruits, and plants are what they feed on. They dwell in forests and the surroundings. Deforestation leads to their lives endangered.

3. Grey Falcon


They are not common birds and they dwell in dry regions. Grasshoppers, insects, reptiles and small mammals are what they mostly eat. They dwell in bushy regions, thus clearing of land minimizes their existence.

Endangered Animals

1. Dugong

It is a mammal that is grey in color and on the snout top is the location of their nostrils. They are given the term Sea cows because they feed on the seagrass. Their motion is usually very slow; hence they are unable to flee the predator.

2. Ghost Bat

They suck blood and are considered cannibals, hence the term Vampire bats. Mining that is taking place together with quarrying has endangered their existence.

3. Shark Bay Mouse

They love staying in areas that are sandy and eat plants together with their flowers, the spiders and also on insects. The development of agricultural activities the grazing has affected them directly.