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far from any dangerous communication as possible one person

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made a good recovery from this but had some other trouble which later

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paniment of painful arms and disfiguring ulcers. It produces

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much less taken notice of than the first. In the one the

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beyond the sphere of modern thoughts. For example a man

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spinal cord of a turtle be irritated in the segment

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field force writes on the use of anaesthetics during the war. Chloroform

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gradually became known by their work and people flocked to them ac

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petition. An entry in the Liber Niger Domus Eegis Edward

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be relieved in the following manner Angelica root an ounce and

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have been made along the line of the curability of pulmonory tuber

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you Many there have been who have.sailed upon its waters searching

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averting the disease that we must endeavour to preserve the

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School the last of which must be attended at this College.

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of the work being Cellular Pathology as based upon Physiological and

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The chief conclusions arrived at were as follows The growth of

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which have hitherto presented themselves. It is proper to subjoin tliat

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prevalent as well as epidemic jaundice. In Silesia there was great

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tinual lightnings thunder and noises in the air heavy subter

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prompt. The disease was transmissible to mankind as a con

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adjuvant an anti spasmodic mixture of tilia and valer

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medicine and clinical medicine surgery and clinical surgery obstetrics

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examples of this truth and never met with anything to the con

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by killing the foetus with electricity. The electrocution had been

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this pure spastic spinal paralysis but there is a family form where it

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gestions. To Mr. Gomme I am in common with all the other

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recently divided adhesions all of them vessels which

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strated that contagious mastitis is caused st by the organism

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of blood extracted partly by the continued bleeding from the wounds

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erates into a base intolerance which looks with disdain on men of other

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graph 1 entitled Tiber Die Atielogie der Strumitis in which he divides

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ical Congress be invited to meet in this country in

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and to put the right leg into the trousers before the left. But

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with Satan though even in this year of grace there are some

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scientific bodies in Europe or other foreign countries

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taking remedies with more or less regularity up to the time of consulting

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