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in taking the liberty of departing somewhat from the

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biliary canal in others the brain was softened and the surface

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this meeting you will observe shows a very marked j

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to conquest and Mahomet propagated his creed sword in

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certain of the reactions of albumens and were thought to belong to the

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strange gods Baal or Arhtoreth or worse still Bacchus. But after all

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oar interest in the practical character of the paper. Patient age 20

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eflfects. In the next sentence page 72 the author speaks of occurrences

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registered and information regarding such rejection is at the disposal

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only affected horned cattle but also horses swine and sheep.

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ing child birth it may be simply a traumatic fever.

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quite parallel. There is one great difference. We should not

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infiltration that at certain points are so abundant as to form small

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scholarships 50 and 30. Trinity Medical College offers to final students

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ference weighing over three pounds its surface being excoriated and

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followed by diarrhcea set in. This was checked and by the eighth day

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I am assured by Daniel Delavul Esq. lately his Majesty s

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due to impurities in the drug such as sulphate of iron

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open the abdomen in general peritonitis in the middle line or over

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are enlarged in an antero poeterior direction pre sentinga comparatively

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selves more of the measures they advocate. In this volume of 534 pages

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Paris bandage is worn until the fracture is repaired

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Pains in the back and sensitiveness over the spine are

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considerable variations the Plague being intense in some coun

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stance was so named because it was employed in the treatment

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where it joined the testicle. The veins were easily separated and had no

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ful ravages among them sometimes they devastate the coun

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beauty when unadorned is adorned the most and in prosecuting

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the farriers called water fercy but indeed was the effect of a

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It is said that during the earthquake innumerable fissures were

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knew the organization of the animal nor the nature of the malady for

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the part of a few physicians to gather in cliques and

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the diseased and no intercourse of any kind should be per

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to say First the dogs felt the effects of the plague next the

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talked freely and pleasantly while the ether was bub

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under such extraordinary circumstances it would be difficult to

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ticed medicine and surgery until his final illness. In 1879 he visited the

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tinct from it there being nothing natural in any of its processes and

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was not destroyed or even markedly attenuated by keeping the pieces

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is very much greater. The relative number of bacteria increases reg

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To this dumb madness succeeded that of a furious character

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call to the attention of the profession. Letters written for publication or

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the main question is put under force of the previous

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for disease or injury with any free external wound.

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osophy of Paracelsus with its strange fore gleams of latter day truth held

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a corruption of the blood have ordered febrifuge and sdmulating

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Picardy. Vicq d Azyr s Memoir. Cattle Plague in Austria Styria

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by a charmer to bid her husband tie a handful of common

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or mortification of the intestine. It was congested

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lands. In Europe dysentery was very prevalent and at the same

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their nervous systems which combined with a tendency to nervous

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tilage is formed unless all suppuration is completely

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smarting eyes. Cups made from ivy were recommended for

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not so pronounced. A little milk may be drawn off in a thin

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right breast with involvement of the skin glands and left breast ovario

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munications in regard to editorial work should be addressed to the Editor.

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strong support in the behavior of certain of the compounds known in

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are toxic and are not intended for re absorption. It is quite different

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hair from the tail of each of the animals. The hair they would

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in excess of the amount of the destruction there are more cells formed

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Prairie Indians who treat all diseases alike since they must all

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tions. The first chapter in this part is well worth reading many nints

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sumption is credited with 730 but of these less than

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And at the same Court on the 6th December 1714 there is

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ignore drugs. What was good for one patient was not for another.

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