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rious agency which the Tamils at Jaffna in the same island believe to

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kind by making images of clay or wax and when the witches

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Chemistry Physiology Practical Physiology Pharmacology and His

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In the early stage of the disease when a purgative is required none

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Gesner in his Historia Animalium makes mention of the

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nervous centres may affect nerves implanted in them

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tract and mucus treated with boiling alcohol the solution de

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Prussia appears to have suffered most severely but it did not

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advisable to adopt another measure for the relief of the patient. An

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some horses which I had the opportunity of seeing during my

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larricade the infected stables in vain we would slaughter the

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myself that I have collected all the medical journals

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the stalks of beans or cut com mixsd with human urine for the

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diet is to alkalise the urine and therefore to tend to

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completeness and Futility. Terrible Destruction of Cattle. Treatises

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or salt and water was applied anciently for distempered eyes

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like appearance showed itself about the tongue and those

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In two qualities namely sincerity and reticence it was exemplar

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In 1838 failing the royal touch a few crowns and half crowns

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Professor Mosso of Turin conducted upon three persons in each of

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these Sections it would be much more economical both

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good deal until at last after a few weeks they die. On an

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beasts forced out of the wood made strange ravage. Most

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to five ewes he also was able to reproduce it by inoculating

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amid the sweet herbage. And now the pastures stink from the

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shaved and every possible care to avoid infection by

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incidental to an estate at this period from what were in those | Resources | Privacy | Disclaimer
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