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Compound comminuted fracture of Wooden splint simple dressings.
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sels. The lobules are in a state of general congestion.
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wards because of the continual and scorching heat. As the
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instilled in the eye and repeated at short intervals until an iridectomy
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and early death. He was a thorough scholar and a wise practitioner.
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facial muscles were very much improved. The muscles of his extremi
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From the autumn of this year till the end of the year
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expected if it had been dormant in the former by destruction of
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Jensen examined the udders of 2048 cows and he gives statistics.
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T OR pathol cal purposes we may divide mental disorders into two
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northern regions. In Spain France and Italy for some time
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of the family physician. There never was a time in our history in
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controlled by two interrupted sutures gave morphia
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walled sac of an extra uterine foetation or the par
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has not lagged behind and the world generally is becoming much inter
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The subjects of examination are Medicine Surgery Obstetrics and
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tress the animals manifested was very great notwithstanding
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affected with any contagious disease from one State
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west to east.J If one who is suffering from any disease can
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From these studies he was naturally lead to a study of infiamniation
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whether of such as are trained for labour or otherwise presently
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Realizing that the value of any plan of treatment depends not only
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mations as recently described anew in the works of Marchand and
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provided for by some hypertrophy of the heart. We can easily under
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has been accepted as the best that could be done under the circumstances.
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needle was made first to pierce the peritoneum and muscle come out a
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