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sen.sory and motor functions are due to an increase

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Connaught this year i. e. the Hy Maney and in Sodan and

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mirable sermon in his address delivered at the opening of Univer

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had an attack of rheumatic fever. On 31st January he wrote to Mrs.

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a gradual diminution of quantity is to be enjoined.

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The third day s session of the Illinois State Medi

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consulted and some of its pupils were despatched to the districts

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seemed to require a larger quantity this dose was repeated.

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garding the efficacy of the different varieties of treat

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Certificates of having passed Second or First Class Junior or Senior

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being two inches from the point of entrance pa.ssing

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it had been removed postmortem from the common bile duct of a patient

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deafness the author says The history of steady progressive deafne. s

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Graduates in Arts may complete their Medical curriculum in three

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the gastro intestinal tract. The mere taking of food in itself produces

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bable therefore that the atmosphere contained foreign and

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the animal carries her hind legs apart with a straddling gait.

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cines December 25th. The horses growing better coughing

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salts the papers can be heavily charged with each of

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there is about the same quantity of urea in the blood

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or fowls at least very few examples to the contrary have occurred

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which has made the nineteenth memorable among centuries the profes

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those of Europe in the medical world of letters. The first move yet


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