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Demonstrator of Anatomy Medical Facult3 University of Toronto.
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eluding the contagion from our country by the immediate slaughter of
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requisite to have recourse to such other food as is either fluid and
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lead to the most direful results. It has reduced many
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England and Holland. The distemper there has been attended
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the Sections of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery and Hygiene and
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ships and educational institutions maintained at the
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surroundings or the necessity of again taking up unsuitable work.
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when recovery had so far progressed that further attendance was deemed
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loaded with too many teclmicalities and operative procedures for the
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internally there is danger of purulent contamination of the whole
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and Oxford which has alarmed the justices of the counties of
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part of the patient s body which appeal s to be the
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were the principal sufferers and their dead bodies lay about the
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results by keeping the bowels open by lavements of mallow
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the disease. It is believed that the contagion amongst the cattle
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most comprehensive contribution on that infection that has appeared
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Until recently the treatment of these affections has confessedly been
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of opinion that unless it he always executed upon the very first
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that we are warranted in urging operation as a wise and conservative
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described due to paralysis of the bowel in peritonitis by Dr.
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to speak the truth as occasion shall call for it without


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