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medical college or to advance its supposed interests.
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this time or not long after a distemper appeared among neat
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hot and dry all over Europe and America so that vegetation
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The spleen was enlarged and palpable in thirty eight cases.
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those of the tainted. The shepherds of Languedoc but espe
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In cases of natural immunity the germ cannot thrive in the body
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said to be malignant dysentery was very deadly but Heusinger
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January 1348 shook Greece Italy and the neighbouring
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cases the writer stated the let alone plan of treat
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and marvel loving Cardinal Baronius who of course adds that
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where malignant pustule and other forms of this malady rage severe epizooties must
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Dr. Stuart Paton Baltimore Md. advocated hospitals or wards in
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which is identical vpith that secreted after parturition.
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especially in Montferrat and Piedmont in Italy also in Sicily
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With regard to the French epizooty M. Herment states
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colour escaped which in some cases had the consistency of olive
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to hospital with a right strangulated inguinal hernia. During the opera
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south running stream and persons suffering from witchcraft
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by the Roentgen ray. Like every other means of treatment it is well
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ovlna. Many of them especially those attacked in the month of
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vanishes. Against blains the Saxon leech recommends the
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recommendations having come to l6 resolutions on the subject.
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and perfectly a precialed the distinction to be inade
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Quarter of an hour later after hemorrhage had ceased the piece
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placed on a scale better graded than the thermic sen
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notifications and those who neglected treatment should be looked after
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often stagnant long without sun and very unhealthy in Carniola
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The child lived five days. A post mortem showed complete union
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and their Effects Rome and its Epizofities. The Plague of Athens.
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in natnre. The small pox always produces general inflammation and consequently
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can find no sufficient proof that these alanning eruptions were due
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of cannibalism writing with an air of confidence on the
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banana skin was rolled in a leaf and slowly burned the result
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on agar. Easily stained by Gram s method or any aniline
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of the abdominal wall there are very numerous haemoirhagic areas while
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their strength with malignant catarrh. Epidemic influenza in
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other side it penetrated Alsace Luxembourg Franchc Comte
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being lost and the activity of the centres in the cord is manifested
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after a severe attack of whooping cough the cyanosis became suddenly
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on its work with energy. Among other recommendations is that for vol
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a thread the patient saying as each is threaded Here I leave
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infirmaries had given the disease to three animals out of six.
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A great German surgeon in an association meeting said to the con
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roots of the com and grass and eating them up ruined both
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the inferior it passes straight to its destination.
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regions. By March the 8th she had thousands of tumors most quite
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seat of suffering and by sucking at the other end impresses his
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this period so that Europe may have again been widely de
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entry is Humagium et Coronatores presentant quod Dominus
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remedy that he reached home in safety and his wound healing
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liver cells are re absorbed into the circulation and appear to subserve a
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titles qu on observe sur les hommes telles que la petite vernle la
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provide for future meetings a system of registration
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After the first shock of death the natural task of man was to
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reached the quay at Lyons. Everybody fled at its approach
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twenty four hours and everything about the surround
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ticular interest to comply with these methods could do this
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mounted by a well trained accomplished rider who sits so gracefully
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all applicants for admission to the college to an ex
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canals as well as chronic interstitial lesions. Sections show hyper
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together require a single resection including all the
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