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bury the patient s disease. In the county of Moray the people
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guedoc in the south Sativages noticed it This plague which
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effectual to staunch the blood was some moss off a dead man s
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disease is not unfrequent notwithstanding the natural salubrity
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perfect local treatment along with general treatment of the mucous
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frequent calls upon the Toner collection for informa
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dispensable that every member of every district medi
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children who were treated within three days of infection recovered
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et nimiam scabiem. Plague in mankind in Illyria and Italy
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equal intervals a bottle of the decoction of turnips in which was
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Thus we meet with charcoal carbolic acid chromic acid iron etc. as the
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but will accept that of the University selected by the student.
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ence in the mental symptoms from those of the adult.
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merchants and which had been disembarked at Venice passed
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jaundice signifies to us absorption of bile and that its absorption always
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soon formed on the part stung and unless the wounds were im
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as in the preceding year this disease had covered the corn with a
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of a special character insomnia muscular astfienia richaolgia a
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scription of the ostium maxillare is very clear. The author has found
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quite well until Tuesday February 3rd when she was suddenly seized
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flammatory diseases of the udder those shown in the following
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among cattle which in the pastures and sheds suddenly fell and
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good book by the publication of a low grade medical
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and Blood for a better exposition than 1 can give of
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out of the treasury of the Association. Vide Trans
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round needle or ordinary straight sewing needle the
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the ague patient so that it would be near the stomach.
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proportion of cases however in which one may try all these remedies
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be symptoms pointing to cerebral complications. Optic neuritis with
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snakes and reptiles which especially attacked the country people.
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flammation of the lungs and killed a prodigious number of
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ing upon them for when this happens it generally costs them
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